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miart 2020 presenta TRANSMISSION

miart 2020 is pleased to present Transmission, the new visual campaign developed to promote the 25thedition of the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair of Milan.

In line with miart’s hallmark styling – a fair that for years has conceived a themed, multimedia-based campaign in its communications – Transmission is a picture story focused on the space in which human beings and works of art come into contact, as well as expressions of care, protection and understanding.

The campaign is a journey through study and empathy, in which the main subjects are professionals whose daily work involves them intimately with artworks, including museums keepers, restorers, and art handlers. Transmission evokes their responsibility to the present and future, because it is also via an attentive handling of the past that art and culture can be conserved and made accessible now and in the future. The campaign is a choreography of situations in which human beings, works of art, science and technology live a relationship of interdependence. The centre of the campaign is art as the site of experience embodying both the fragility of memory and the persistence of life.

Transmissionalso sets a unique precedent in the history of miart: a fruitful collaboration with important Milanese institutions, whose collections and work go beyond the chronological boundaries of miart itself, and who can boast an exceptional active commitment to conserving the arts. miart and Fiera Milano are very grateful to Gallerie d’Italia,  GAM – Galleria d’Arte ModernaMuseo Poldi PezzoliVeneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano and The Department of Conservation and Restoration of Open Care – FM Centre for Contemporary Art for their unstinting collaboration and support.

From October 2019 to the opening of miart to the public on 17 April 2020, Transmission will convey the many narratives of miart: the dialogue between the past and present, history, experimentation and the interdisciplinary approach to the co-existence of modern art, contemporary art, design and applied arts.

Amo l'Arte in tutte le sue declinazioni e follie. Cuore bassanese e castellana d'adozione, rincorro mostre, musei e gallerie sparsi nel mondo che poi recensisco su Storie di Eccellenza. Come artista visiva mi firmo Ketra da quando ho preso in mano la china per poi traghettarmi verso altri media più sperimentali. Agatha Christie, Bauhaus e Siouxsie&The Banshees i miei compagni di viaggio.

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